Career & Technical Education

Students are provided with opportunities to develop a foundation of technical expertise, workplace skills and behaviors, and job acquisition and problem-solving/critical thinking skills that contribute to their high school graduation, post-secondary education, career success, and productive citizenship.
We currently have two industry sectors represented at our campus: Business and Finance and Building and Construction Trades.
In these classes we focus on:
  • Teaching specific skills identified by persons in the industry.
    Involving community business persons, former students, and persons knowledgeable in the field as advisers
  • Providing trainees with upgraded technology, equipment, and materials to reflect items currently in use in industry.
  • Emphasizing and role-modeling of work ethics including: on-time performance; regular, dependable attendance; job loyalty; skill upgrades; and personal relations.
  • Extending availability of career preparation information, job search activities, and employment placement assistance.