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Intramural Sports Program

Quarter 1 Sign Up Week: September 6 - 9, 2022 
See Mr. Franco for more information. 
Intramural sports offer opportunities for students to compete against their peers in a friendly and structured environment. Through team sports, individual/dual sports and special events, individuals can find recreation that fit their needs. In all events, we stress sportsmanship and fairness. 
Eligibility Requirement: 
  • Must be passing all classes. 
  • Not on the current OCI list. 
  • No excessive absenses.
  • No suspensions for current semester.
  • Must have parent permission slips completed.
  • Eligibility Card must be completed and submitted the day prior to the event. 
  • Maximum of 12 participants per school per event. 
22/23 Scheduled Travel Games: 
September 15: Volleyball 
November 3: Cornhole 
December 8: Powerlifting
January 26: Basketball
February 16: Volleyball
March 9: Soccer
April 27: Powerlifting
May 18: Softball